Teachings - F.A.Q.

Why do you use the name Yeshua instead of Jesus?

We believe that Jesus’ real name, his Hebrew name (transcribed into English) is Yeshua. The English name Jesus is a transliteration based on the Latin Iesus, of the Greek Iēsoûs, itself a translation of the Hebrew (Yeshua or Yehosua). The name Joshua would be a more accurate translation in English. Yeshua being a Hebrew name has more meaning in its native tongue. His name translates to salvation or G-d is my salvation.

Why do you meet on Saturday instead of Sunday?

We believe that the Shabbat should still be practiced and that it still falls on the seventh day. Not only should it be practiced but we should delight in it. We believe that Yeshua the Messiah and his disciples practiced it in accordance with Torah and this is testified in the Gospels and in the Book of Acts.

What is the Torah?

Torah is the name given to the first five books of the Bible, they were given to Mosses by G-d. The Torah is the book of instruction that tells us what G-d requires of us and describes what it means to be set apart(Holy). John 1 says that the Word of G-d became flesh and dwelled among us. We believe that this Word refers to the Torah because at the time what we know today as the New Covenant scriptures were not written yet. Thus, the Torah became flesh in the body of Yeshua and came to teach us how live according to G-d’s will.

Who are Sephardic Jews?

Sephardic Jews are descendants of Jews from Spain, Portugal and Italy. Many Latinos have Jewish ancestry and particularly rich Sephardic heritage. Many Latinos will feel right at home in our services. The term "Sefarad" originally appeared in the Bible to refer to the children of Israel who were exiled from Canaan to Sarepta (Obadiah 1:20). Since the end of the VIII Century, "Sefarad" refers to Spain and Spanish Jews. It was then furthered to all Jews from the communities around the Mediterranean.

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