Teachings - Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Yeshua

Genesis 3:15Seed of the womanGalatians 4:4
Micah 5:2Born in BethlehemMatthew 2:1
Isaiah 7:14Virgin will be with childMatthew 1:18-20
Psalm 72:10Kings shall bring giftsMatthew 2:1-2, 11
Genesis 22:18Through AbrahamHebrews 2:16
Genesis 21:12Through IsaacMatthew 1:2
Genesis 28:14Through JacobMatthew 1:2
2 Samuel 7:12-13Through DavidRomans 1:3
Genesis 49:10Tribe of JudahHebrews 7:14
Jeremiah 31:31-33I will make a New CovenantMark 14:2, Hebrews 8:6-13
Isaiah 61:1-11Two-fold mission of MessiahLuke 4:16-21
Isaiah 59:16The right arm of GodJohn 12:38
Hosea 11:1Out of Egypt I called my SonMatthew 2:13-15
Isaiah 9:1-8Galilee to be the first area of ministryMatthew 4:12, 16, 23
Isaiah 42:1-6Light to the GentilesLuke 2:32
Deuteronomy 18:15A prophet like MosesActs 3:20-22
Psalm 110:4To be a priest like MelchizedekHebrews 5:5-6
Jeremiah 31:31-34New covenant with Israel and JudahLuke 22:20
Isaiah 11:10The Gentiles shall seek the Messiah of IsraelRomans 11:25
Psalm 110:1The Lord said to my Lord, sit at My right handHebrews 1:3
Jeremiah 31:15Rachel weeping for her childrenMatthew 2:16-18
Isaiah 40:3-5Voice of him who cries in the wildernessLuke 3:2-6
Malachi 3:1My messenger shall prepare the wayLuke 1:17
Exodus 12:46No bones shall be brokenJohn 19:33, 36
Malachi 3:1The Lord shall come to His templeMatthew 21:12
Daniel 9:26Messiah to die before the temple destroyedMark 15:37
Zechariah 11:12They paid 30 pieces of silverMatthew 26:15
Psalm 41:9My friend...has lifted his heal against MeJohn 13:18-21
Psalm 118:22The stone the builders rejectedMatthew 21:42
Isaiah 35:5-6Eyes of the blind open, deaf hear, lame walkMatthew 11:4-6
Psalm 78:2-4Spoke in parablesMatthew 13:34-35
Isaiah 11:2The Spirit of the Lord will rest upon HimJohn 3:34
Isaiah 61:1-2aHe has sent Me to bind up the brokenheartedLuke 4:18-19
Zechariah 9:9Comes riding on a donkeyMark 11:1-10
Zechariah 11:13Throw [the 30 pieces of silver] to the potterMatthew 27:3, 7
Psalm 2:1-2Nations plot against the LordActs 4:25-28
Isaiah 50:6My back to those who beat me...splittingMark 14:65
Psalm 69:8A stranger to my brothersJohn 1:11, 7:3, 5
Zechariah 12:10Look on him whom they have piercedJohn 19: 34, 37
Psalm 69:9Zeal for Your house consumes MeJohn 2:13-17
Psalm 8:2Out of the mouth of babesMatthew 21:15-16
Psalm 22:16Pierced my hands and feetJohn 19:18; 20:25
Psalm 22:6-8Hurled insults at HimMatthew 27:39-44
Psalm 34:20Not one [bone] brokenJohn 19:33-36
Psalm 69:21Vinegar for My thirstMatthew 27:34
Psalm 22:18Cast lots for His clothesMatthew 27:35
Zechariah 13:7Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatterMatthew 26:56
Psalm 22:1-2My God, My God, Why have You forsaken Me?Matthew 27:46
Psalm 16:10Not abandoned to the graveLuke 24:6, 31, 34
Psalm 68:18You ascended on highLuke 24:51
Isaiah 53Messiah would suffer for our sinsActs 3:13-18
Isaiah 53Messiah rejected and sacrifiedActs 13:26-33
Isaiah 53Messiah would rise from the deadActs 17:1-4
Isaiah 53:1Who has believed our message?John 12:37-43
Isaiah 53:2Nothing that we should desire himMark 6:1-3
Isaiah 53:3Despised and rejectedJohn 8:48-52
Isaiah 53:3One from whom we turn our facesMark 14:27, 50
Isaiah 53:4aHe took up our infirmitiesMatthew 8:16-17
Isaiah 53:4bWe considered Him stricken by GodMark 14:61-65
Isaiah 53:5Pierced for our transgressions1 Peter 3:18
Isaiah 53:5By his wounds we are healed1 Peter 2:21-24
Isaiah 53:6aAll we like sheep have gone astray1 Peter 2:25
Isaiah 53:6bThe iniquities of us all laid on HimRomans 5:6-8
Isaiah 53:7He did not open His mouthMark 15:2-5
Isaiah 53:7-8Like a lamb to the slaughterActs 8:30-35
Isaiah 53:8, 9Though He had done no violenceActs 13:27-29
Isaiah 53:8, 9Grave with wicked, with rich in deathMatthew 27:31-60
Isaiah 53:9cNo deceit in His mouthHebrew 4:15
Isaiah 53:11Righteous servant shall justify manyRomans 3:19-31
Isaiah 53:12He will be exaltedPhilippians 2:5-11
Isaiah 53:12bNumbered with the transgressorsMark 15:27-28
Isaiah 53:12aHe will divide the spoilsLuke 22:28-30
Isaiah 53:12cHe bore the sin of manyHebrews 9:28
Isaiah 53:12cMade intercession for transgressorsLuke 23:34
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