Beth Israel is a messianic congregation located in El Paso, Texas. As a body of believers consisting of both Jews and Gentiles, we are committed to coming together regularly for worship, the learning of G-d's word, for fellowship and spreading the good news of Yeshua(Jesus) the Messiah.

Yeshua Himself was Jewish, the entire New Testament was written by Jews and the first believers were Jews. Non-Jewish individuals, who put their faith in Yeshua, are grafted in to this Jewish faith. We invite anyone interested in learning about Jewish roots of the Messiah and our faith to attend our services.

Our services integrate our Sephardic Jewish customs and traditions with faith in Yeshua the Messiah. Our services are held in English and Spanish, including Hebrew for the liturgy. We worship with live music, Jewish dance, and study the whole word of G-d from Genesis to Revelation. Please visit us next service for worship, prayer, and study as we learn more about the L-rd of all.

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